The Spear

I am finally getting around to this: writing about the controversy surrounding representations of Jacob Zuma.
First is the painting by Brett Murray, next to the painting of Lenin on which it is based.

zuma_leninThe painting was defaced while it was hanging in an art gallery.

zuma paintingBut the controversy surrounding the painting became a feature of popular culture. An example is the poster for Trevor Noah’s comedy tour.

trevor noahAnother example is from the political cartoonist Zapiro.

zapior cartoon of spearMore about Zapiro and his representations of Zuma in another post.

For now, Brett Murray has produced a website which documents debate about the painting at the same time it becomes in itself another piece of protest art.

soldAnd here is a link to a parody of the debate at Wonkie that concludes with a poll asking people to state whether or not “The Spear” is art.

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